Meet Wolé

Wolé Adesemoye, internationally recognised athlete, and the reigning  two time WBFF Muscle Model Champion. Wole has many achievements over the past decade in the celebrity and fitness to add to this.

He never lets himself forget, however, that his success wasn’t handed to him at birth. He achieved it through hard work and dedication.

As a young boy, Wolé struggled at school with dyslexia. This, however, wasn’t going to hold him back. Trying to determine where he belonged in the world, Wolé soon discovered he was strong and fast on the football pitch. He was a natural athlete.

To build his strength, Wolé started sneaking into gyms when he was 12 years old. Observing his older peers, he would copy their workout routines. As his muscles and body developed and grew, he realised he had discovered his passion. He loved the way a good workout made him feel and look, giving him a confidence that he’d never known.

As he grew older his interests evolved. Wolé applied his new-found strength to both his professional and athletic life. At 19, he started working as a firefighter becoming a hero to his community. He also started competitive boxing at the amateur level. He fought in 35 competitive bouts, earning an impressive record of 30 wins.

In 2014, Wolé competed in the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion championships (WBFF) in Las Vegas. He would go onto win three years in a row. Wolé, a snappy dresser himself, loves that fitness meets fashion. As he says, “there’s more than just looking good with your clothes off.” In 2015, after months of intense training and dieting, Wolé earned his professional muscle model card. 

Now, 6 years later, he’s the 2018 and 2019 World Champion alongside many other winning medals in the Muscle Modelling industry.


His list of clients and former clients include the likes of Kimberly Wyatt (former member of the Pussy Cat Dolls), World Renowned dress designer Julien Macdonald plus many more.

Things have changed in nearly every industry over the past year and the fitness world is no exception.

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